Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Death of an Era and The Birth of an Era

So, I sit amongst the winter wonderland of NYC 
(on my now permanent lay off ) 
and this will be the last post of CHORUS CHRONICLES.  With my departure from the tour, the blog will sadly end.  Its been a great run, and I am supremely grateful to everyone for the journey.  

It all ended with a great week in Tucson---which involved MONSOON rains, a visit from our producer HAL ( who threw a rocking PIZZA PARTY), celebrating at HOTEL CONGRESS (where Dillinger was caught), and the fact that I can now announce who some of the new people.

For Kate/Chutney-----Liberty Cogen.

For Pforzheimer----Jason Kappus

And for Callahan.....just wait.

And lastly, here is the inaugural video by of the sizzling and hilarious Laura Bell.
 It has already skyrocketed to the most streamed video on CMT, and is working its way up the charts at the speed of light.  NO SURPRISE THERE!!!!!!   
Also check out Brian Patrick Murphy  giving you full facials the whole time.....PRICELESS!!!!!

And here it is..........

Thank you for following this blog for the last year and a half. Also, thank you for supporting live theatre.  Without you guys, we wold not have a livelihood that pays rent.  

Til then LBers across the world....

Good night and Good luck!

Shanti Shanti and Namaste!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

LBB giving you character work

So not only did she announce that she is working on writing a musical ( very top secret) but has released this hilarious video of pure unadulterated LAURA BELL BUNDY.  ENJOY!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear 3 F's: 

Fans, Friends, and Family

This gap in writing has been the longest to date, and for that I apologize wholeheartedly.

Its a New Year, and with it come new adventures and things to come for the LEGALLY BLONDE.

Since last I wrote, we had a killer Halloween AROUND THE WORLD PARTY in Detroit.


Also, we lived in sunny south Florida for a while.  While we were there,we got to see our sister Lauren Zakrin kill it as Sandy in the national tour of GREASE, along a bunch of our other comrades from NYC.  YOUTUBE her performance to see some vocal brilliance!!!!

Alson, BPM got the honor of flying out to star opposite the original ELLE WOODS herself, LAURA BELL BUNDY, in her 1st country music video. It comes out Jan 18th I think, so keep your eyes peeled. Its on ITUNES, and  I say that he is gonna blow up like Cortney Cox in the Bruce Springstein video. And only fitting seeing as how he is a huge BOSS fan.  But most importantly, LBB is going to be the launch of a whole new era in Country Music.  You mark my words!!!!  Combine the sultry dance skills of Britney Spears, with the story telling prowess of Madonna, and throw in the irreverent humor of Ellen and you have LBB.  


Legally Blonde KOREA has opened and  Legally Blonde London opens tonite....

Our head flyman, Andy Bergdorf a.k.a. BIG SEXY has left us, to be replaced by the man infamously known as Squatch (so hilariously true you couldn't possibly make it up).

Leslie Mc came back to replace Sara Shepard as KATE/CHUTNEY, but will now be leaving the same time as me to be in GREEN DAY's Bway Musical


Shep is currently starring in FUNNY GIRL at the DRURY LANE in Chicago. Check out these Rockin pics!!!! SHE' S A STAR!!!!!


And, I soon will be leaving to star in 1st Offbway run of ROMANCE ROMANCE  since the original in the 80's- produced by ACTIVE THEATRE COMPANY and the New York directorial debut of Marc Robin.

click here for information

And as of now no replacements have been announced for either of us (which is a lie though I am not allowed to say who due to the fact that I could be sued for breach of confidentiality--isn't that intense). So stay tuned...

Cause Ken Land is also leaving to go be in the Bway Revival of PROMISES PROMISES!!!

Get ready for an original broadway cast member with a TONY award to appear...

Our friends (Original cast members Mamie Parris and Josh Walden)  in the Bway Revival of  RAGTIME have opened and then sadly closed as of Jan. 10th.  

It was beautiful---Constantine and I sat dead center in the first row and wept like children. There maybe have been some hand holding and laughing as well, though I will never admit to it. The last hoorah, though, must go to Mamie. She got to play MOTHER the last 3 performances!!!! I haven't checked for any bootleg video on youtube but I am sure there will be some.

We also now have 3 Elle covers- with the fabulous Kathleen Monteleone leading the pack most matinees. 

Whilst splitting her time betwixt and between the ensemble and the matinee Elle (most 8 show weeks), she and her hubby launched also launched a new website. Its about living savvy on a conservative budget.

Click here for 24 SAVVY

You can win butt loads of free stuff!!!!

We closed before the 2 week holiday break in Hershey, PA---which is BEAUTIFUL!!!  

A great holiday party involving SECRET SANTAS (or CHANUKKAH HARRYS as it may be) was a great way to lead us into the New Year.

Oh also, the end of our tour has been solidified.  The tour will be in Toronto all summer ( congrats you Canuks) and then close at the WOLFTRAP outside D.C. next august.  And then, LB will be at every summer stock and college from here to Djibouti, Djibouti!!!

Its almost been a year and a half since this journey began...and more adventures are to come.  SO STAY TUNED!!!!! FULL OUT !!!!! XOXOXOX Pforzy

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friends, family and readers alike:  This is Kiki (aka Brian Patrick Murphy) here as your new Blonde blogger guest starring while my dearly departed and injured brethren Abs Dalton is healing.  I will try and faithfully continue this lovely blog whilst he heal.

We are in Tempe Az and the weather is hot and the show is busy.  We have been losing people left and right as our 1st year came to an end.  On the road we become a family for good and for bad.  We realize who to go to for all things.  You learn who to call when looking for Whole foods, or who to get directions to the gym from, or who to find out where CVS is.  Not to mention who to talk to about anything.  So when turnover happens in a cast, which is inevitable in this business, it is always a little strange.  

The new cast members are wonderfully nice and absolutely talented.  We are thrilled to have them and excited to get to know them.  Last night Ashley Moniz went on and did a superb job for her first show.  WOW, what a great opportunity!  She proved to be a total pro and it was thrilling for her and for the cast.

We look forward to putting Candice Marie Woods in the  show as Pilar and Adam Zelasko formerly Nikos/Padamadan into Monster Dalton's track.  Adam is a great actor and will be awesome and i am sure Candice will too.  

We send love to our brother Tally Sessions who opened in the South Pacific tour this week and are thrilled that departed family Josh Walden and Mamie Parris will be working together in Ragtime on Broadway.  They are both brilliant and great people, so please support them and go see it in NYC.  

It is strange to be here for over a year now.  I remember a year ago like it was yesterday.  So much has changed yet so much is similar.  We will again be experiencing Halloween, THanksgiving, Christmas and New Years together.  All of those seem so monumental from last year and now it will be with so many new people.  I am nervous and excited about all of it.

So, let's wish all our departed well and hope that this year will treat us as good or better than the last......

til next time, KIKI 

Friday, September 18, 2009

KIKI goes Cyber

Whilst I am gone Brian Patrick Murphy will be taking the over the blog.......


Times they are a changin.......

I write this while living in unfortunate irony, having sat by the shore in Newport Beach for the last two weeks because I was sleeping less than 100 yards away.  

The irony is I skinned my toe going to PT so am unable to submerge in saltwater for the rest of the weekend.

And, tonite is the night that  Lucia Spina starts as ENID. 

I leave Monday for an inditerminate amount of time on Medical Leave, alongside Cortney, Gretchen, and Crystal Joy. We will have Bloody Marys in the airport as Zelasko flies back to cover me for a month.  Hilarity!!!!

Its been sunny and beautiful here, watching dolphins frolicing in the sand doesn't really feel like work.  But, people have still been stuck in theatre in rehearsals.  Why you ask?

Lauren is leaving after Tempe to go to the land where all Prom Nights are rained out and Sara Jenkins leaves after Sacramento.  

So, we now have Kathleen Monteleone ( my acting partner from GREASE: YOURE THE ONE THAT I WANT) replacing Lauren.  

Who is replacing Sara?  Did anyone ever see the movie DOUBLE TROUBLE in the 80's?

Also, Ashley Moniz is our new swing and 
Candice Marie Woods will be Pilar as of Wednesday.
So many changes and in so little time, but once we pass the 
1 year mark of tour, after Costa Mesa, anything is fair game.  

Thats right---
year 2 totes goes International!!!!!

Enjoy these random 
pictures from the year......